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I am a speech language pathologist by training, and am certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association and Speech Pathology Australia. In 2008, I founded the Speech Dysphagia Language Clinic (SDLC), a private clinic in Mumbai, India, to provide data-driven speech, dysphagia, language, social skills and occupational therapy to neurotypical and neurodiverse populations. Learn more about SDLC and our work here at

Over the years, I have worked closely with families of children with an Autism spectrum disorder and/or Social communication disorder. Neurodiverse traits tend to run in families and I have realized how pervasive they can be and the impact they can have on marriages and parenting. This motivated me to further study neurodiversity, and I got certified by Aspergers/Autism Network (AANE) as a Couple's Counselor.

My approach to counseling is practical and solution driven. I look forward to working with you. There is more about me on my LinkedIn profile page.

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